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copper Gutters

At Golden Hands Construction, we provide a wide range of bespoke copper gutters, all of which can be specially tailored to the design of your home. We understand that gutters are very important to your home, protecting your foundations by filtering water during rain and snow. Our copper gutters are specially designed to provide you with a wide range of different benefits. Once you have chosen the most suitable gutters for you, our team can install them for you with ease. Our copper gutters look fantastic with a wide range of natural materials from wood, stone and even clay.

The main benefit of our copper gutters is their superior durability. After your copper gutters have been installed, they develop a unique lining that protects them from rust, as well as a wide range of different weather conditions. This helps to keep maintenance costs low and enables you to rest easy knowing that your gutters will not become damaged by storms. The high-quality copper also prevents the growth of algae and fungi, which reduces the impact and number of blockages you will experience. Should you require any repair or cleaning, this can be completed by our experienced team with ease.

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