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Cedar Siding

Are you looking for a natural look to your home? If so, then our cedar siding may be the choice for you. At Golden Hands Construction, we provide a wide range of bespoke cedar siding, all of which will add character and personality to your home. The wood itself brings a blend of warmth and beauty to your home, whilst the natural scent of the wood produces a smell that simply can’t be replicated. The wood itself is extremely durable, having a natural resistance of rot, decay and even damage from insects. This means that it is low maintenance compared to many other composite materials which often have little to no natural protection.

In addition to this, your cedar siding can also be restored due to any damage from the sun. This means that it will last decades without any damage or decay, simply getting better as time goes on! Our cedar siding is also environmentally friendly, being biodegradable and being sourced from a sustainably managed forest. This way you can rest assured knowing that your home is look beautiful without causing any pollution or damage to the planet. Contact us now and our team can install your cedar siding at the next best time for you!

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