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chase cover

A chase cover, also known as a top pan covers the top of the entire chimney, providing protection from rain and snow. They can be sided with either vinyl, metal or wood, all of which will have a different lifespan. The cover, although not a legal requirement, will provide your home with extra protection from a range of different weathers. This will help reduce the overall damage to your chimney, protecting both the bricks and the structure. In general, the price of a chase cover will cost anything between $650 to $1000. Although this appears expensive, it is significantly lower than the price of repairs should your chimney become damaged.

Once you have agreed on a time and date for our team’s arrival, they will arrive promptly at your property. Ensuring they follow all of the required safety procedures, they will efficiently install your chase cover for you, completely hassle free. Once they have finished, they will leave your chimney looking as good as new. We guarantee high-quality installations with any service, ensuring that your chase cover is installed perfectly. If you experience any issues following installation, contact our team directly and they will be happy to help!

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