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CHIMNEY Flashing

Chimney flashing is arguably the most important aspect of your whole chimney. It is so important due to the fact that it prevents rain and snow from leaking into your home. If damaged, you may experience leaks inside your home which will result in significant damage to your ceilings and walls. If you believe you may have a problem with your chimney flashing, we advise that you contact us immediately. Whilst at first you may not experience any problems, the water may begin to build up, resulting in significant problems for the structure and foundation of your property.

In general, chimney flashing can become damaged as a result of severe weather such as storms and lightning. It is always important to have your chimney checked and if required, replaced as soon as possible. Our team have both the experience and knowledge required to repair your chimney flashing or replace it completely. They will work as efficiently as possible, ensuring that we do not disturb your day to day routine. Should you like the job completed whilst you are out, we can do that for you and leave you with a note once we have finished.

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