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Exterior Trim Installed

At Golden Hands Construction our team can help you to install a wide range of bespoke exterior trims. These are applied around the openings of your home, for example your windows and doors to provide you home with a fashionable look, whilst also adding extra protection too. Our team have a wealth of experience installing exterior trims, ensuring that we provide a perfect installation with each and every job.

In general, we use a wide range of different materials, however our main material is wood. Wood provides a sturdy and durable exterior trim, whilst also adding extra protection to areas of your home. It has a fantastic curb appeal, making your home the envy of all others on the street.

In general, 500 feet of trim will cost around $500, making it an affordable investment for any company. Our team make use of the best materials in the industry, allowing us to guarantee the highest quality trim installation every time. They also use up to date tools, all of which are designed to make the installation process as smooth and seamless as possible. Contact our team today and we will install your exterior trim as soon as possible.

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