Chimney Chase Cover Replacement Cost

If you’re considering a new chimney chase cover, there are many factors to consider. A stainless steel chase cover is the most durable. It will also be more expensive, but it is very likely to last a very long time. You can also choose to buy a less expensive galvanized steel version. Stainless steel is often more durable, but it is not as sturdy as galvanized steel. It will not be as resistant to rusting, so it’s important to consider the lifespan of this material. Despite its price tag, it’s also important to consider the maintenance of galvanized steel.

Chimney chase cover replacement cost

As chase covers age, they tend to rust. Over time, the protective coating will corrode and lead to holes. Once the cap rusts, water can flow through the open side of the chase and damage the chimney from the inside out. Sheet metal chase covers can begin to leak and rusted within 10 years if they are not replaced. This is because they lack a drip edge and allow water to run down the sides of the chimney.

A properly installed chase cover will look very attractive and add value to your home. It will protect your chimney from moisture and stains and protect your home. It’s important to take good measurements of your old cover and then select the new one. A well-made chase cover can cost around $200. However, a well-built one will last for decades. If you’re having trouble finding a replacement for your old one, try visiting a local fireplace repair shop.

The first step in replacing your old chase cover is to remove it from the chimney. You can do this by lifting it off. It may require you to climb to the roof and unbolt the screws holding the old cover in place. Thankfully, the process is not complicated. You should be able to do it yourself within a couple of hours. If you’re unable to do this task, you should hire someone to do it for you.

You should also consider how often you need to replace your chase cover. Although it is an excellent preventative measure, a chase cover will not last forever. It will need to be replaced when it’s rusted and needs repairs. A new stainless steel chase cover can be installed in a few hours. After that, you should put silicone around the frame of the chimney to avoid leaks. A new cap should also include a drip edge.

The new chase cover should be made of stainless steel. It should be of good quality and last a long time. However, if the old chase has rust, you may need to replace it with a new one. Copper is the best material for a chase cover and it will cost you more money. If you can’t afford the new one, you should hire a professional to do it for you.