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Chimney Damper Chimney Damper
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Has your chimney deteriorated over time? If so, we can help. We offer a wide range of bespoke chimney repair services, all of which are specially designed to provide you with a repair that will last for years to come. Upon arrival at your property, our team will quickly discover the issue that you are having with your chimney.
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Chimney Damper Chimney Damper

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  • Chimney Damper

    Are you having problems with your chimney damper? Has your damper broken completely? If so, our team can help. With a wide range of chimney experience, our team can repair or replace your damper both efficiently and fast to ensure that your chimney continues to work as usual.

  • The chimney damper is the vent that controls the airflow in and out of the chimney. During the day and when the fire is not on, it is advised that the damper is closed in order to prevent any cold drafts. However, when using the fireplace, it must be opened so that any smoke can be vented. In general, they are made out of metal or ceramic so that they can tolerate the heat of your fire without taking any damage. After a fire has gone out, the damper should remain open to ensure that all embers have finished burning. This helps to prevent any smoke from escaping into your home.

  • If your damper is feeling stiff or won’t move at all, our team can provide you with a replacement at the soonest convenient time for you. Contact us today and find out how our team can help you repair or replace your chimney damper.


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