Copper Gutter Maintenance Sagaponack NY 11962

Copper Gutter Maintenance Sagaponack NY 11962

Unlike other gutter materials, copper doesn’t rust. But it will gradually tarnish over time, creating a stunning blue or green patina that many homeowners adore. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent this from occurring such as using sealants and regular cleaning. The cost of a copper gutter system varies based on its size and style. Common options are 5-inch half-round gutters or K-style seamless systems. Some contractors also offer copper box gutters or other specialty shapes at different prices depending on where the copper is purchased and its thickness.

Costs may also vary based on how difficult the installation is and where it’s situated. For instance, a gutter installed in an area prone to heavy snowfall and ice accumulation will likely be more expensive than one installed in dry climate.

Copper Gutters Can Add a Wow Factor

Homeowners often opt for copper gutters when sprucing up their home’s exterior due to their sophisticated appearance. They’re particularly suitable for older houses with historic details like brick, stone or wood accents as well as high-end contemporary residences. Furthermore, copper gutters provide homeowners with curb appeal and increased resale value of their properties. Copper gutter systems are ideal for coastal areas since they don’t corrode, which is essential in saltwater environments. While copper systems tend to be pricier than their plastic counterparts, their longevity will make it worthwhile in the long run.

When selecting a copper gutter system, you must decide which style and what accessories are necessary. A tray-shaped gutter, downspouts and other components help direct water away from your house and onto the ground. You must also decide between a traditional seamless ‘k-style’ gutter or a half-round gutter. K-style gutters are designed to handle more water flow than their round counterparts and come in various styles. Copper gutters and downspouts can be tailored to fit specific home features or match the color scheme of the roof. They come in a range of finishes, such as shiny new, brown or darkened, patina or blue-green hues.

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