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Chimney sweeps are professionals who diagnose and repair hazards within your chimney. In addition, they are licensed and insured. Choosing a company to provide these services is an important decision for any homeowner. This article will define what a chimney sweep is. Also, what Golden Hands offers Suffolk County NY, as a chimney sweep company near you.

Our Chimney sweeps diagnose and repair hazards

Chimney sweeps are trained to recognize and repair chimney safety hazards. They have passed an extensive examination and are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. These professionals use modern tools and technology to identify hazards. Some sweeps are also members of the National Fireplace Institute, which promotes the use of certified chimney sweeps.

What Chimney Sweeps Can Do

Here’s an example of chimney sweep skills and certifications. One of the most common chimney hazards is a damaged crown. This can prevent proper air flow and lead to water infiltration. This particular problem is common in older homes, especially those constructed before the 1980s. Older crowns were sloshed together with surplus mortar, and are more prone to cracks. Professional chimney sweeps can inspect the crown of your chimney to determine if the problem is due to a cracked crown.

Professional chimney sweeps are licensed and insured to provide a range of services, including sweeping and inspecting chimneys. They are also able to perform repair and maintenance duties such as firebox, damper, and smoke chamber repairs. In addition, some sweeps also provide more extensive services such as crown repair, tuck pointing, or rebuilding masonry chimneys.

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Cost of a chimney sweep

When considering the cost of a chimney sweep, it’s important to consider the services of a professional chimney sweeping company. They have the training and equipment necessary to clean your chimney correctly, preventing dangerous situations from arising. Additionally, they have the expertise to identify and repair damage to your chimney. In addition, a professional chimney sweeper will likely be able to suggest maintenance and repair options that will ensure that your chimney is safe.

A chimney sweep may start by inspecting your chimney from the inside or from the roof. Using a camera, the sweep will remove any buildup or blockages inside the chimney. This procedure will minimize the amount of mess and debris that is left behind. The whole process may take a few hours. In addition, a chimney sweep may apply a chemical treatment to your chimney and make minor repairs. This might include replacing a damaged liner or missing chimney caps.

Chimney sweeps often encounter unexpected objects in the chimney, including dead birds, tools, love letters, and other ephemera. They have tools and equipment to handle these objects, so it is essential to ensure that there’s enough space to operate safely. You should also remove all decorations from the chimney to ensure that the grate is free of any debris.

History of the Cheap chimney sweep

The history of chimney sweeps dates back to the 1800s, when boys as young as four would climb the hot flues of homes. This work was dangerous, as the heat from a chimney can be deadly. Children were also exposed to soot, which is carcinogenic. In addition, the boys would not always wash and would sleep under soot sacks. In order to discourage children from climbing the chimney, Acts of Parliament were passed. The campaign led by Lord Shaftesbury resulted in stricter laws governing chimney sweeps.

Cheap chimney sweeping services in your area

Regardless of your budget, there are many ways to get a professional chimney sweep. Golden Hands offers a variety of services, including sweeping and maintaining chimneys. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. We at Golden Hands have been serving the community for over10 years.

First, you should check your chimney for loose joints or cracks. These can lead to dangerous and poisonous gases. Those cracks could also allow the hot gases to get back into the house. If this happens, it could cause back-puffing or excessive smoking.

If your chimney needs extensive repair, a  Golden Hands chimney sweep can provide you with a detailed estimate. These quotes include a free Level 1 visual inspection. Call us today or contact us via the form below for any help or questions you may have.