Skylight Flashing Repair Stony Brook NY 11790

Skylight Flashing Repair Stony Brook NY 11790

The first part of any roofing system is the flashing, which directs water away from your home’s exterior, chimneys, siding and skylight. When your property’s flashing isn’t installed or sealed correctly, it can cause major damage – and possibly even more expensive roof and house repairs down the road.

A good quality metal skylight flashing is designed to keep your glass panes and home safe from water leaking into it. However, even high quality roofing material is prone to wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s a smart idea to get your flashing inspected every few years or so – and then repaired if necessary.

Skylight Flashing Leaks Repair

When your skylight leaks, it’s a sign that your flashing is faulty or aging. Luckily, there are easy repairs to help you fix your problem. Golden Hands Construction can inspect your skylight, replace weather seals and make sure the flashing is in good shape.

If your skylight is still in good shape, but you’re not happy with the way it looks or functions, call Golden Hands Construction today to schedule a free evaluation of your roof flashing. Our experts will provide an honest opinion about whether a simple repair is all that’s needed, or if a replacement can be beneficial.

Whenever you need any type of roof flashing repair for your Stony Brook, NY home, contact Golden Hands Construction to learn more about our top-rated contractors and receive free quotes. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your project, and we’ll connect you with the most qualified roofing professionals near you.

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