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July 17, 2023

Skylight Leak Repair Services Near Mattituck


Skylights add beauty and natural light to any space, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. However, when a skylight starts to leak, it can cause significant damage to your property and disrupt your daily life. At Golden Hands Construction, we understand the importance of addressing skylight leaks promptly and effectively. As a trusted roofing contractor serving Mattituck and the surrounding areas, we provide professional skylight leak repair services that you can rely on.

Skylight Leak Repair

Signs of a Skylight Leak

Identifying a skylight leak early on is crucial to prevent further damage. Here are some common signs that indicate a skylight leak:

1. Water Stains

Water stains on the ceiling or walls near the skylight are a clear indication of a leak. These stains can vary in size and shape, and they may also be accompanied by discoloration or peeling paint.

2. Dripping Water

If you notice water dripping from your skylight during or after rainfall, it is a sure sign of a leak. This not only poses a risk to your property but also increases the chances of mold growth and structural damage.

3. Condensation

Excessive condensation on the interior surface of your skylight can lead to water accumulation and leaks. This can occur due to poor insulation or ventilation around the skylight.

Water Stains on Ceiling

Causes of Skylight Leaks

Understanding the causes of skylight leaks can help prevent future issues. Here are some common reasons why skylights may develop leaks:

1. Improper Installation

Skylights that are not installed correctly can lead to leaks. Improper flashing, sealant application, or inadequate insulation can create vulnerabilities that allow water to seep through.

2. Age and Wear

Over time, the materials used in skylights can deteriorate, leading to cracks, gaps, or weakened seals. This wear and tear can make your skylight susceptible to leaks, especially during heavy rain or snowfall.

3. Extreme Weather Conditions

Severe weather, such as strong winds, hailstorms, or hurricanes, can cause damage to skylights and compromise their integrity. This damage can result in leaks that require immediate repair.

Skylight Installation

Professional Skylight Leak Repair Services

At Golden Hands Construction, we specialize in providing comprehensive skylight leak repair services near Mattituck. Our experienced team of roofing professionals is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to identify and fix any skylight leaks quickly and efficiently.

Thorough Inspection

We begin our skylight leak repair process with a thorough inspection of your skylight and its surrounding components. This allows us to accurately assess the source and extent of the leak, enabling us to provide the most effective repair solution.

Expert Repair Techniques

Based on our assessment, we will determine the appropriate repair techniques required to address the specific issue with your skylight. Whether it’s repairing the flashing, replacing damaged seals, or resealing the skylight, we ensure that all repairs are carried out with precision and attention to detail.

High-Quality Materials

To ensure long-lasting repairs, we use only high-quality materials and products that are designed to withstand the elements. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable skylight that remains leak-free for years to come.

Skylight Repair

Preventive Maintenance for Skylights

To minimize the chances of future skylight leaks, regular preventive maintenance is essential. Golden Hands Construction offers maintenance services specifically tailored to keep your skylight in optimal condition. Our team will inspect your skylight periodically, clean it thoroughly, clear any debris or obstructions, and address any minor issues before they escalate into major problems.


If you’re experiencing a skylight leak near Mattituck, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance. Golden Hands Construction is your reliable partner for skylight leak repair services. Our expert team will identify the source of the leak, provide effective repairs, and ensure that your skylight remains watertight for years to come. Contact us today at 631-877-8338 or visit our website to schedule a consultation.

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