Skylight Repair in Mastic NY

We at Golden Hands specialize in skylight repair in Mastic NY. We believe that one cannot be called an “expert” or specialist unless their reviews back up that claim. However, our google reviews say exactly this. Our customers can vouch for our efficiency and willingness to work with homeowners to their satisfaction. With this said, if you have found this page then you are interested in skylight repairs and why they may be necessary. In fact, maybe you are actually looking for information on when a skylight needs to be repaired. Maybe you’re a homeowner considering replacement of your skylight system entirely. Regardless, we at Golden Hands Construction are happy to share our experience with all of Mastic.

Why Might A Skylight Need Repair?

Skylights need to be well maintained, but needing to be repaired is not unheard of or cause for alarm. If your skylight is experiencing any of the following then it may be time to seek professional help:

  • Skylight leaks
  • orange or discoloring
  • skylight is an older model
  • your considering getting a new roofing system

Skylight Maintenance or Occasional Repair?

Well, this topic comes up with our customers more than you would think. Think about your skylight as another part of your roofing system. In fact, a skylight is essentially a window in your roof. Thus, your roof is working year round to shield your home from the elements, but so is your skylight. It is hit with debris and moisture just like your roof and also needs some year round love and attention. A properly maintained roof can last 20 years depending on the materials and installation, but what about a skylight? Your skylight may need to be replaced every 10 years, but checking for leaks and sealing any found can get you to that 10 year mark. In fact, a skylight that is maintained will help you catch any leaks that would damage your roof and home.

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Contact us if you have any questions or are in need of a specialist for skylight repair in Mastic NY. Golden Hands Construction has happily served Mastic homeowners for the last 20 years.