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Soffit has both an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose for your homes roofing system. It is often described as the skin that covers your eaves, preventing your beams from being exposed to various weather conditions. This extra protection allows your home to better withstand a wide range of adverse weather conditions, from heavy rain and snow to storms. Additionally, at Golden Hands Construction, we also offer vented soffit to provide air circulation to your attic. This prevents any damp smells within your attic, allowing for it to be used as a conversion should you want it to.

Our highly efficient team of experts can install your soffit for you, providing you with only the best service in the industry. Throughout the installation process, they will inform you exactly what they are doing, as well as let you know of the benefits that the soffit will have for your property. Once they have finished, they will leave the site absolutely spotless, leaving you with a bespoke new soffit installation. Should you not be satisfied, let us know and our team will return to resolve any issues that you may have. Nothing but perfection is good enough for our team, ensuring an outstanding service each and every time.

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