Tube Skylight Installation in Melville NY 11760

Tube Skylight Installation in Melville NY 11760

A tube skylight can be a game changer for your home. Not only does it provide a hefty amount of natural light, but it also helps keep your heating bills down and your cool air circulating. It’s no wonder that solar tube skylights have become increasingly popular, especially amongst homeowners looking to improve the overall ambiance of their homes.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add light to your home is by installing a tubular skylight. The best part about a solar tube is that it’s designed to be a low-maintenance, long-term solution for your home. The most common installation scenario involves installing a flexible tube above your existing roof trusses.

Top notch solar tube lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, including traditional tubular and insulated ductwork types. To get the most out of your new tubular skylight, you should consult a licensed electrician to ensure that it is properly installed and sealed.

The best way to get an accurate quote for a solar tube installation is by calling Golden Hands Construction. Our pros will take a thorough look at your home and make recommendations accordingly. We can then provide a quote for the installation of the best tubular skylights on the market.

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