Are gutter Guards Worth It?

Gutter guards are a product to prevent gutter clogs and ensure the protection of your home from gutter damage. In cases where gutter is destroyed, potential for roof leaks can cause total destruction of flooring inside the house. If gutter guards, and gutter protection is an option for your gutter system, it’s definitely worth considering.

  • gutters with gutter protection are more likely to be kept clean by debris being caught on the gutter guard before reaching the gutter itself
  • gutters without gutter protection can clog easily due to leaves, dirt, mud , etc., meaning they have little chance of being cleaned meaning they are most likely dirty or clogged at all times –
  • if guttering is damaged, there can be major leaking problems with your roof which cause permanent damage that requires expensive repairs
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How to install a new gutter guard

If you’re looking to install a new type of gutter, and hope to prevent your existing gutters from clogging with debris and causing damage, then follow these instructions:

1) Remove gutter muck and debris. Some gutter guards don’t need this step, but others do. Cleaning guttering allows you to properly install gutter protection. If your gutter guard does need cleaning, use a stiff brush or telescopic gutter wand to clean out all debris from inside the guttering – then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

2) Fix up any loose guttering parts using roofing cement.

3) Apply fixing adhesive to the base of the gutter guard .

4) Push down on the gutter guard until it clicks into place at each fix point, ensuring that it is secure and flush with your existing guttering – finish by adding extra fixing points along gutter if necessary.

5) Finally, caulk gutter guard seams with gutter sealant to ensure they’re waterproof and prevent leaking problems.

Types of gutter guards

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There are two types of gutter protection: mesh or solid. Mesh gutter protection is more open and allows for debris to be removed easily, but they do make the look of the house less stylish. Solid gutter guards are a better option if you want security from your guttering being ruined by clogging with debris – however, these typically don’t allow water through, which can lead to potential leaks through your roof in certain cases. If you do choose to install solid guttering guard, ensure that it has an appropriate filter built-in to allow rainwater through while preventing debris entering the system. It’s important to choose the best one for your house and budget.

Why do guttering need gutter guards?

Gutters are designed to act as a storage system for excess water from the rooftop. This water is carried over the guttering, routed through downspouts into underground drains or sewers.  Gutters with gutter protection prevent debris that will cause clogging of the guttering which can lead to gutter damage and possible leaking problems on your roof. Guttering without gutter protection means that leaves, dirt, mud etc., has no barrier stopping it entering your gutters where it becomes extremely difficult to remove – meaning they are most likely dirty or clogged at all times.

The above points highlight how gutter guards gutter protection guttering gutter gutter clogs gutter damage gutter leaks roof leaks permanent damage expensive repairs. Gutter guards have been developed to help guttering work more efficiently, which means they are worth considering if you don’t already have them installed.

Why choose Golden Hands For Gutter Guards?

Choose Golden Hands because we know that our customers’ needs and requirements are of the upmost importance. We will always strive to give you a service that is second-to-none, no matter how big or small your job is.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a service from start to finish making sure as little disruption as possible for you and/or your property – providing an efficient clean service for gutters.

Gutters with gutter guard systems installed can benefit from long term benefits such as increased guttering efficiency, reduced blockages and chances of leakage, which mean less money wasted on expenses down the road.

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