Prefabricated Chimney

Prefabricated chimneys are a great option for homeowners looking to have their fireplace repaired or updated. Prefab chimney systems are made of attractive cast aluminum so they can be installed with any style or color home exterior. Prefab chimneys come in many styles, colors and designs that blend well with the existing building’s architecture. Prefab chimneys are fabricated using advanced state-of-the-art computerized equipment which allows each prefabricated unit to be constructed identically. Prefab chimneys are manufactured in sections at our factory where highly skilled technicians carefully weld every joint by hand to insure exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Cost of Installation

Prefab chimney installation is less expensive than other options. Prefabricated chimneys are available in a variety of styles and colors to blend seamlessly with the existing styling of your home. Prefab chimneys do not require additional structural support. Prefab chimneys offer homeowners peace of mind because they come from a single source that is responsible for all aspects of their construction and service.

Prefab Chimney Installation Process

Installation requires a qualified mason to build a solid, secure foundation upon which the prefab sections will be installed. Prefab sections must be properly joined together before being covered with insulation and outer brick skin according to local code requirements. Depending on your location, prefab sections may need to be supported by additional structural elements such as supplemental “cripple” walls that run beneath the prefab sections. Prefab chimneys must also be properly flashed and fire stopped before being covered with insulation and brick skin to ensure proper operation, safety and durability. Prefab chimneys can take several weeks or months to complete depending on your location and the complexity of the installation itself.