Planning A Skylight Installation Suffolk County NY

Planning A Skylight Installation Suffolk County NY (DIY)

For a DIY project, if you’re planning a skylight installation Suffolk County NY, be sure to take into consideration the sunlight’s path. Skylights on the south or west-facing roof will collect direct sunlight while skylights facing north or east may not get any direct sunlight.

Any skylight that receives direct sunlight becomes a heat trap on hot summer days. So, if you are willing to install a skylight facing south or west, be sure you plan ways to control heat gain.

Keep in mind one necessary fact. If you want to install a skylight in a room with an attic above it, you’ll need to build a light duct. However, any skylights contractor in Suffolk County with the Google reviews and a record like Golden Hands can do the task.

How To Start

Be sure any skylight you intend to install will meet the capacity to hold for load, wind resistance, and related factors. Building permits are also required for installation in most regions. A professional contractor can help in this matter

Keep in mind the sizing and placing a roof window in an attic room so that it captures a view calls for careful planning.

The roof’s slope will also affect proper placement. A low-sloping roof requires a large window than a steeper roof for the same kind of view.

Installation Supplies

Here’s the list for what you require to install a skylight:

You will need 2-by-4s for the frame, and finishing supplies along with drywall for the ceiling. Then you need roofing paper, roofing nails and galvanized nails. Finally you will require step flashing and continuous flashing.

Your must arrange a circular saw, hammer, flat pry bar, tin snips, and a utility knife. Though it is always the best to go for a professional assistance, you can try DIY method if budget does not permit you to hire experts. Here are the steps to be followed.

Step-by-Step Skylight Installation

 Cut and frame the opening:
 Drill a hole where you want the put the center of the skylight and then work on the roof to cut the opening with a circular saw.

Then, frame the opening so it is structurally sound according to building codes.

If the skylight is on an attic, you will also need to cut and frame a hole in the ceiling of the room below it, and frame a light shaft through the attic. However, you can always consult us at Golden Hands Skylights for more details.

Cut back the roofing and attach the skylight

 Cut the roof shingles about 3 inches back from the opening on all four sides using proper equipment. Then, set the skylight in place and attach it to the roof with nails or screws.

Slip in the underlay

Now, cut strips of roofing paper about 8 inches wide and slip them under the shingles. Then, install the bottom piece, then the sides, and then the top.

The idea here is to overlap the pieces down-roof with the pieces that are up-roof so water will shed properly. Sneaking the paper under the shingles will be tricky. You should use a flat pry bar to lift all the roofing nails that would get in the way, taking care not to damage the shingles.

Install bottom & step flashing

 Now, install the bottom flashing, a single piece that wraps around the skylight and settles on top of the roof.

Drive roofing or flashing nails horizontally into the skylight, not vertically into the roof.

Next, you should slip individual pieces of step flashing under the shingles. On each side, start at the bottom and work up. The step flashing pieces must overlap each other by 4 inches or so. Finally, attach the flashing pieces to the skylight, not to the roof.

Install the solid flashing pieces

These solid flashing pieces are designed to fit tightly onto the skylight. It ensures that water cannot enter between the step flashing and the skylight. Then, attach the bottom piece first and then the side pieces. Then, install the top piece which is called the head flashing by slipping it under the roofing and attaching it to the skylight.

In this way, you can install skylights. But make sure you take professional advice from any who can help with planning a skylight installation beforehand. It will help you to avoid further hassles or improper installation.

So, these things need to be keeping in mind before hiring any Gutter Repair Company Suffolk County NY or any other area. Check out our many Google reviews and call us today!