Skylight Flashing Repair in Southampton NY 11968

A skylight is a great way to bring natural light into your home or office but they are also susceptible to the elements. The sun can degrade your roof’s integrity, resulting in leaks that could be prevented with a little care and attention.

Thankfully, the team at Expressway roofing is well equipped to handle the task of keeping your property looking and feeling its best. We have a few tricks up our sleeve, including the latest in green construction technology and environmentally friendly products. The team is dedicated to keeping your home or business in mint condition while saving you time and money, a win for everyone!

One of our newest customers had a large gable roof in need of some serious repair work. The biggest challenge was in keeping the water from the soffit from seeping into the ceiling. The most successful solution was a small notch on the roof that was fashioned into a waterproof soffit. It was then fitted with a flashing that mimicked the shingles below and a tar paper and moisture barrier in the corners to save drywall. The trick was putting it all together in a day and keeping it that way for months to come.

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