Skylight Repair East Northport NY 11731

Skylight Repair East Northport NY 11731

A gorgeous skylight is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lighting and elegance. But when you experience an issue with your skylight, it’s important to have a professional handle the problem right away. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to cause permanent damage that will cost a lot of money in repairs down the road.

Depending on the nature of your skylight’s issue, you may need a full replacement or just minor repairs. If you’re not sure what your specific repair needs are, we can guide you through the process. We are pros who know all about skylights in the Long Island area.

Skylight Leaks

Water is a natural component of the atmosphere and, when it finds its way into your home through the nooks and crannies around the skylight, it can become a huge problem. A leaky skylight is typically a sign of a much larger problem like roofing material that’s compromised by age or poor installation. If your home’s roof isn’t properly maintained, shingles could be cracked or warped and are a leading cause of skylight leaks.

Flashing Defects

A broken skylight pane, a flashing defect or an outdated sealant is a common problem for East Northport homeowners. When these issues are left unchecked, they can lead to significant water damage in the form of rotten wood and mold. Our expert technicians can fix your flashing defects and prevent any further serious damage to the skylight, chimneys, siding or walls of your residence.

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