Skylight Repair West Islip NY 11795

Skylight Repair West Islip NY 11795

Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your home. They can also increase the overall value of your property and provide ventilation in areas that aren’t otherwise accessible. However, they aren’t immune to problems like leaks and damage. If you’re experiencing a problem with your skylight, call the pros at Golden Hands Construction today to get it fixed before it gets worse!

Skylight Leaks

When roof penetrations (like vents, nail holes or other areas where water can travel) are compromised by age, weather and/or improper installation, they’ll allow water to come through your skylight. The water that leaks out of these openings can cause major damage to your home and skylight if left unchecked. This is why a quick fix or even a full replacement of your skylight could be vital to the longevity of your roof and the structure of your home.

Skylight Flashing Issues

The flashing on your roof is an important part of keeping your skylight, chimney, siding and walls safe from water and rot. If your flashing is not properly installed and sealed, it can lead to water damage that can lead to expensive and long term repairs.

Skylight Repair West Islip NY 11795
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