What Does the Corning Shingles Warranty Cover and for How Long?

Corning Shingles Warranty
May 14, 2023

When investing in a new roof, it’s important to consider the quality of the shingles and the warranty that comes with them. Owens Corning is a well-known manufacturer of roofing shingles that offers a range of warranty options to suit different needs and budgets.

But what exactly does the Corning shingles warranty cover, and for how long? Understanding the terms and conditions of your warranty is crucial to ensure that you’re protected in case of any defects or issues with your shingles.

Thank you for visiting Golden Hands Construction Blogs. This article will explore the Corning shingles warranties available, what they cover, and how long they last. We’ll also touch on common issues that may arise with Owens Corning shingles and how the warranty can help address them.

So, whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, read on to learn more about the Corning shingles warranty and what it means for you.

What is the Corning Shingles Warranty?

The warranty of the Corning shingles is a guarantee that covers any defects in the shingles or the installation process. This warranty typically lasts for a certain number of years and may have specific requirements for coverage.

The Corning shingles warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship during the stated warranty period. This includes defects such as cracking, blistering, and granule loss. The warranty may also cover damage caused by severe weather conditions, such as hail or wind.

However, it’s important to note that the warranty may not cover all types of damage. For example, damage caused by improper installation or maintenance may not be covered. Additionally, the warranty may have specific requirements for proper installation, such as using approved materials and methods.

How Long Is The Corning Shingles Warranty?

The length of the Corning shingles warranty depends on the specific product line you choose. For example, the Duration shingle line comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. Typically, the warranty can range from 25 to 50 years. However, some warranties may have a shorter or longer duration. This warranty also includes a 10-year Tru PROtection period, which covers any defects in the shingles, labor, and disposal costs.

Similarly, the Oakridge shingle line also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home. However, it does not include the Tru PROtection period.

It’s important to review the warranty details carefully before purchasing to ensure that the coverage meets your needs and expectations.

How to Make a Warranty Claim?

If you believe your Corning shingles are experiencing a defect covered by the warranty, taking action quickly is important. Contact the manufacturer or roofing contractor as soon as possible to initiate the warranty claim process.

The manufacturer may require documentation, such as proof of purchase and installation details, to support your claim. It’s important to keep these documents in a safe and accessible location in case they are needed in the future.

What Does The Corning Shingles Warranty Cover?

The Corning shingles warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may affect the performance of the shingles. This includes issues like cracking, curling, and granule loss. The warranty also covers any defects in the sealant strips, which can cause leaks and other water damage.

However, it’s important to note that the Corning shingles warranty does not cover any issues that arise due to improper installation, lack of maintenance, or natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

What happens if you have an issue covered by the warranty?

If you believe you have an issue covered by the Corning shingles warranty, the first step is to contact your roofing contractor. They will inspect your roof and determine whether the issue is covered by the warranty. If it is, they will work with Corning to get the necessary repairs or replacement shingles.

It’s important to keep in mind that the warranty only covers the cost of the shingles and not the labor required to install them. This means that you may still have to pay for labor costs, disposal fees, and other related expenses.

What Are The Common Issues With Corning Shingles Warranty?

While Corning shingles are known for their durability and quality, there have been some reported issues with their warranty. Some homeowners have reported difficulty getting their warranty claims approved or getting Corning to cover all the necessary expenses. Additionally, some homeowners have reported issues with the shingles’ quality, such as cracking or curling.

To avoid any issues with your Corning shingles warranty, it’s essential to work with a reputable roofing contractor with experience. They can ensure that your roof is installed correctly and help you navigate any warranty claims if necessary.

Consider Visiting Golden Hands Construction for Corning Roof Shingles

Understanding the Corning shingles warranty coverage and duration is important when considering a new roof installation.

By reviewing the warranty details carefully and following proper installation and maintenance procedures, homeowners can ensure that they are getting the most out of their Corning shingles investment.

If you’re interested in Corning shingles and want to learn more about their warranty, it’s always best to consult a trusted roofing contractor. Golden Hands Construction is a reputable and experienced roofing company specializing in installing and repairing various types of shingles, including Corning shingles.

Working with a professional roofing contractor like Golden Hands Construction ensures that your shingle installation is done correctly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, a reputable contractor can provide you with more information about the specifics of the Corning shingles warranty, including what it covers and for how long.

To get started, simply reach out to Golden Hands Construction and schedule a consultation. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Corning shingles, their warranty, and other roofing options that may be available to you. Contact us today to learn more!