Who To Call For Attic Inspection

Attic inspections are done to check the roof for leaks, damaged areas and possible mold. They can also inspect the attic’s insulation level. In order to keep a home safe from fire hazards, the inspection might include checking installation of chimneys as well.

Attics have been proven to be hazardous if they’re not ventilated properly. The ventilation process is needed in order to regulate temperature levels throughout a house, which keeps it more energy efficient overall. This automatically helps lower electricity bills since there won’t be hot spots or cold spots within the house. Also having an attic inspection will tell you what things need help so you can work on them sooner rather than later before more damage is done that may cost more money to repair once it’s already been done.

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Golden Hands Performs Attic Inspections in East Hampton and Suffolk County areas.

Why have a professional inspect your attic?

Attic inspections should be done by a professional roofer, not just “some guy you know.” We know what to look for and can tell you everything from damaged areas to weak spots where water is able to come in through. The problem is that even if the attic inspection is done right, there may still be other problems because of insulation. This can cause problems to show up later on.

However, having someone who does this regularly coming over to inspect your home will give you a better idea of what is going on with your roof and how it can be fixed. All you need is for the roofer to come in right before a bad storm comes through your area to see if there are any areas where water has been leaking from or where there is an actual leak. Then they can tell you what needs to be done immediately and what might not be a problem but could turn into one in the near future.

When should you have an inspection done?

The best time to have an inspection done is before the rainy season hits your area, or as soon as possible after that if you’ve noticed that water is coming into your attic and there’s a potential for mold. Some roofers will charge more for this and some may not do it at all because they don’t want to lose out on money by doing something like this. However, we know what we’re doing and can tell if there are any problems with the roof, inside or outside of the attic. We can also see what might be causing those leaks too such as poor insulation due to moisture which usually makes its way down from an ice melt that has been applied improperly to outdoor areas around your house.

Since we specialize in knowing when homeowners are just too busy to do something like this, when you’re in a hurry to get it done and want the job done right the first time around whether it be for mold or roofing issues, call us at 631-877-8338. We will be happy to assist you with your attic inspection.

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Who to call for attic inspection?

How much does it cost to have the inspection done?

The cost of an attic inspection in most cases will vary depending on the person doing it and how many hours they’ve gone without sleep. This is a roofer’s job, not to mention their specialty. To have someone come out here who doesn’t know what to look for, you could be wasting money rather than saving it or at least getting your money’s worth when all is said and done. Plus by knowing right away if there are any leaks, you can also see if there needs to be insulation added so that water won’t get into the attic anymore due to a lack of proper venting system which would cause mold problems anyway. This means that you’ll save more money in the long run. Long term goals (saving money) beats short term solutions (a bucket) any day!

Who to call

After anything happens to our roofs that cause problems, we wish we would have known about them sooner instead of having that damage get worse over time even though we were spending money every month on repairs. Be proactive and get help with your attic inspection today. Call someone who performs regular attic inspections, like Golden Hands Roofing at 631-877-8338. We have over 20 years servicing Long Island and Hamptons roofs. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen or being sure that there is an issue. As my father used to say, “preventative measures are better than a cure.”

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