Chimney Rebuild Cost

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Chimney rebuild cost can vary depending on the contractor, your location, and which parts of the chimney are being demolished or repaired. Chimneys are generally demolished or renovated for one of three reasons: to replace an old wood-burning fireplace with a gas insert, to install a new gas fireplace, or  to remove obstructions that may be blocking air flow within the chimney system. Chimneys can also deteriorate over time due to weathering and harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy snowfall. Chimneys affected by these issues will need to be completely replaced in order to ensure proper function; homeowners should hire professionals for this task as making any repairs themselves can cause more damage down the line.

Averaging Cost

The average cost for a complete chimney rebuild cost will depend on the size of the chimney, the type of materials used during construction, and whether or not permits are required. Chimneys can be built from a variety of different types of bricks and mortar, with stone being one popular choice due to its durability and natural aesthetic appeal. This option averages around $2000 while clay-based brick comes in a bit cheaper at a price range between $1500 and $1700 for a full replacement.

Price to Rebuild Chimney Can Fluctuate

The average Chimney Rebuild Cost will also fluctuate depending on where you live within New York State, as some towns have stricter building codes which might require permits depending on your contractor. Chimneys in East Hampton NY generally fall somewhere within this same price range since there is no permit required for making these types of renovations, although homeowners are strongly encouraged to check with their local fire department before starting any type of construction project.

chimney rebuild cost east hampton ny

Chimney Rebuild Cost In East Hampton

Chimney rebuild cost in East Hampton NY averages between $1400 and $2500 on the low end depending on what materials are used during the rebuild project, with the high end of this price range costing an average of about $3500. Chimneys in East Hampton NY that require permits will usually fall within this same revised budget range since additional fees may be associated with obtaining a building or site-specific permit which can drive up the Chimney Rebuild Cost.

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