How Much Does It Cost To Seal A Fireplace

The Process of Sealing

Golden Hands is a chimney contractor serving East Hampton and the surrounding areas. Today we are talking about the benefits of sealing your fireplace. It is highly recommended to seal your fireplace every 5-7 years, but depending on how much you use it and how it is built, certain factors may vary sealing frequency. Here are some facts about the process:

  • A small project takes 1 day to complete.
  • Generally sealing your stone or brick fireplace costs between $150 and $300.
  • The smaller square footage, the lower price per square foot.

Partition walls are less money than full-height fireplaces because there is less material in them thus less time for labor cost. This is how much it normally costs for this type of work – however, every project is custom and will vary depending on how big (how many square feet) your project is.

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A typical fireplace measures about 30 square feet (per average unit). The more fancy or not functional a fireplace is; the less square footage there will be per average unit. For instance, an ornamental stone used in place of traditional brick all around with no actual function can reduce coverage area by up to 50%. If you use your fireplace frequently, sealing is a great investment in safety and overall functionality. Other benefits of sealing your stone or brick fireplace include:

  • Lowering the chance of getting dangerous gases inside the house in an event of an earthquake since chimneys are usually covered with concrete, stone or brick;
  • Protecting your investment for many years to come;
  • Keeps it clean (with proper upkeep)
  • One day project (4 hours typically).

Golden Hands specializes in professional home services that can help you maintain and keep your home looking beautiful and running smoothly throughout the year. Give us a call today or visit our Google reviews to see our happy customers!

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