Looking For Skylights That Won’t Leak ?

You’re online reading up on skylights that won’t leak. So, chances are that you have a friend or family member that has dealt with leaking issues. Perhaps, you yourself are in need of skylight assistance? Regardless, here is some honest information on the subject from the Golden Hands family to yours.

What Causes Skylight Leaking?

The reasons behind a skylight is leaking can range anywhere from its insulation, problems with the roof sealing or flashing around it, or even melting snow infiltrating through the skylight. Here in New York, it snows and rains more than the sun shines. Thus, we at Golden Hands Construction see these snow damaged skylight cases often. We have installed Skylights for over 20 years and from Amagansett New York all the way to Huntington New York. In fact, if your home’s skylight is a Golden Hands Skylight then we have you covered. Our company prides itself on routine service checks and always placing our customers first. However, if you do not, our years in service to the Hampton’s and other long island areas have taught us to never just speculate on repair needs. If you are concerned and are not already “in Golden Hands,” get an inspection from a licensed contractor. Our skylight inspections are free and we can work around your schedule. Below are some of the many benefits of a skylight.

Natural Lighting

If you’re considering adding a skylight to your home, but are not sure of the costs or even the positives aside from the look and feel, here is some insight. We as human beings need light to be healthy and happy. Thus, most of us are even looking for homes with a lot of natural lighting. Perhaps your home could use some more of it and you don’t want the glare and uneven lighting patterns that come from windows. A skylight can balance the light in a room and bring out its natural colors, with no glare.

Energy Efficient Homes

No, we are not referring to solar panel powered homes. Skylight Installation is another great way to make your home more energy efficient. Bringing in more sunlight rather than adding to your energy footprint and electrical consumption can save you money. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the millions of homeowners saving 10 percent in their annual heating and electricity bills? Well, with a skylight you can consider the daylight sun as an unlimited resource.

Design It Your Way

A huge benefit of Golden Hands skylight installation is our flexibility. We can design your skylight the way your home needs and with your vision in mind. Check out our Facebook for just a few of the designs in our portfolio. If you’re looking for skylights that won’t leak, then below you can contact Golden Hands Construction. It’s your home. Place it in Golden Hands.